Earth Bird Presents the Poetry of Bob Holman

"When I was a part of CETA, the federal arts jobs program in the late 70's, Emilio Murillo was one of my favourite crazies and an original video documentarian. We both kept at it and he recorded this intimate portrait at home on Duane Street in the mid 90's. Highlights include a reading of "Marriage: It's A Dirty Little Secret" and a pop in visit from my daughter. " – Bob



"Bill knott is... not"

Lynne DeSilva-Johnson talks to Bob Holman about the life and work of great American poet Bill Knott. 

Watch the interview here and read more about Bill at Lynne's website, The Operating System.

"A poem is a space shot into consciousness" - Bill Knott













"Homer didn’t write the Iliad and the Odyssey; he spoke it."

Bob Holman profiled by Kristina Bicher for Columbia: A Journal of Literature & Art

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