KHONSAY: Poem of many tongues launches on international mother tongue day

Tuesday February 21st, International Mother Tongue Day, saw the launch of poem-film KHONSAY: Poem of Many Tongues, directed by Bob Holman and produced by Steve Zeitlin. With 50 languages in 15 minutes, the film was featured at the 2015 Margaret Mead Film Festival and won the Viewer's Choice Award at the Sadho Film Festival in New Delhi, India. An in-depth analysis of KHONSAY is available to tell you everything about the poets and languages




Bob Holman talks with host Baloo about language activism, the "United States of Poetry" and the role of poets vs. actors. Can the camera write the poem? How do poets mediate between media? Find out about Bob's work with film, the oral tradition and endangered languages in this episode of 'Long Thoughts'.








Collaboration with dancer Molissa Fenley & painter Roy Fowler

"I wrote a suite, "Rue Surf"  for Roy Fowler's paintings, "New Wave" -- performed them with wonderful dancer Molissa Fenley. Roy's show is at Fort Gansevoort in Meat Packing, NYC, -- we'll perform again December 3rd at 5pm." – bob


'Let's Talk', with MArtín Espada!

Bob Holman sits down with poet Martín Espada to talk about young thugs, Omar Khayyam, and "tiny silver hammers." Martín also reads from his new book, 'Vivas to Those Who Have Failed.'


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Ever wanted to hang out on the street with Pedro Pietri? 

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Live studio with my main motor scooter, multi-instrumentalist Vito Ricci.


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Join us on Sunday 19th 3.30pm at the Bowery Poetry Club for the launch party of KHONSAY: Poem of Many Tongues. 

The following Tuesday, tune in to SOLSTICE 2016 for a live stream of KHONSAY: Poem of Many Tongues, plus many other great international multimedia projects. On June 21st, 2016, SOLSTICE2016 will connect science, art, design, and technology in a global celebration across all 24 timezones. The multi-stream 24-hour event begins during Happy Hour, 17:00 - 18:00, starting at the International Date Line and moving one hour at a time around the Earth. The stream features art, music, and poetry from each timezone, sounds and videos of the earth from NOAA, indigenous and international poetry curated by Jerome Rothenberg and Bob Holman, music from 24 times curated by RIP and Adrian Hayman with Marc Nasdor and much more.  SOLSTICE 2016 shows the myriad and invisibly powerful ways that design pulls the strings of our world through gestures, languages, sounds, music, tools, art and even whole societies. 

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Viewers around the world will be able to catch the 24-hour feed throughout the Solstice period at  from their smart phones, tablets or laptops, or attend one of the intimate live Solstice Pilot Launch parties to connect with an international community of Solstice enthusiasts.  After the event, the SOLSTICE 2016 website will feature highlights of the program and an interactively searchable database with contributions from our participants. It will be an assembly of unique world music and historical solstice materials for each time-zone as well as poetry, stories and event listings.

“The postmodern promoter who has done more to bring poetry to cafes and bars than anyone since Ferlinghetti.” 

—Henry Louis Gates, Jr., The New Yorker

Equal parts spoken word performer, professor, impresario, activist, proprietor of the Bowery Poetry Club, filmmaker and host of Language Matters (2015 Documentary of the Year, Berkeley Film Festival), to Bob Holman it's all just part of the job. He's a poet. From slam to hip-hop, from performance to spoken word, he's been a central figure in redefining poetry as it exists on, off, and beyond the page.

Author of 16 poetry collections, most recently Sing This One Back to Me from Coffee House Press, Holman has been dubbed a member of the "Poetry Pantheon" by the New York Times Magazine. As a professor, he's taught at Columbia, NYU, Bard, and the New School. As an arts administrator, he's served as coordinator and curator at St. Mark’s Poetry Project, and was the original Slammaster and a director of the Nuyorican Poets Café. A scholar of oral traditions in West Africa and beyond, Holman co-founded the Endangered Language Alliance, where he currently serves as co-director.

Bob Holman & Salieu Suso perform "How Kora Was Born" at Speaking in Languages on the Edge, a showcase of Welsh, Mexican indigenous languages, and Native American languages, among others

PBS NewsHour sits down with poet and host Bob Holman to discuss Language Matters and what's truly lost when a language disappears.