Bob Holman is the author of 16 collections of poetry, most recently Sing This One Back To Me and A Couple of Ways of Doing Something, a collaboration with Chuck Close.

“Bob’s the world’s showman, full of secrets. And a Zukofsky, recently felt.” —Eileen Myles

“Like his hero, Bob Holman sings of himself, in human, woven strokes—raw to boundaries of self, the narrator perpetuated by love in all its phases—a relationship to an external world that dares to be lived. From explorer to teacher, from performer to life poet…Bob has always encouraged using skin and ears to see, and to let love pour over intimate breath. Sing This One Back To Me shows that the color of intimacy is painted by location—let’s talk ear to ear, to understand what words do, in the moment, of word. This gift is in us, Bob says, to sing back at who we are. Do we dare express the love we feel? How daring to admit, that the world, is the poem. Were I to levitate beyond a now of not, I would shadow to Holman, this book to you—reading this—have become—a Holman. Birth the spoken, weave the broken, arrange in notes the song awoken, here…for you, out there.”—Edwin Torres