Bob Holman's YouTube channel is home to a growing archive of poetry films, performances, and documentaries– spanning over thirty years, from the 1980s to the present.

Produced, Edited and Directed by Ram Davineni Executive Producer Beatriz Seigner Starring Bob Holman and Allen Ginsberg Voice of Allen by Eliot Katz Audio Mixing at Gigantic Studio Sound Engineer: Ron Ron Color correction by David Barkan Music by Tabla Beat Science, with permission from Palm Pictures

"Slammin: The Sport of Spoken Word" (1990) features poets Cheryl B, Evert Eden, David Mills, and Susan Ross.

"Words In Your Face" (1991) features Henry Rollins, Maggie Estep, John Leguizamo, John S. Hall, Muta Baruka, Deacon Lunchbox, and Bob himself.

Available on Holman's channel are all 55 New York Emmy award winning " Poetry Spots," produced by Holman between 1987 and 1993 for New York's WNYC-TV. Foreshadowing the technique used in “The United States of Poetry,” each “Poetry Spot” is a short film built around a single poet's performance of a single poem.

Poetry Spots: Eileen Myles reads "An American Poem"

Poetry Spots: Amiri Baraka reads "We Are Here"

Among the poets included in Holman's "Poetry Spots" are John Ashberry, Eileen Myles, Allen Ginsberg, Patricia Smith, Amiri Baraka, Jessica Hagedorn, Ron Padgett, Edwin Torres, Jose Padua, Tracie Morris, Carl Watson, and Pedro Pietri.

Poetry Spots: John Ashbery reads "Purists Will Agree"

Poetry Spots: Patricia Smith reads "Chinese Cucumbers"

Poetry Spots: Allen Ginsberg reads "In My Kitchen In New York..."

Poetry Spots: Jessica Hagedorn reads "Loft Living"